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Hi all!  We’ve tried to compile lots of information to help you in your travel planning.  Browse the site as much as you’d like; feel free to comment on different pages and add information that you find.  Keep in mind this is a public site, so don’t post personal info like phone numbers and such.

WordPress sites (like this one) are viewable on mobile devices, either through a web browser or an App.  <— By the way, when you see words highlighted in blue, that means you can click on it and it will take you directly to the page related to that information 🙂 

This way you can take the webpage with you in England!

Reflections over Tea

England, here we come!  There is so much to do in England and so little time to do them, planning your trip ahead of time is an important step to having a great trip.  This website is meant to serve as a resource page for attendees at the IAMFC Northampton Institute 2013 to help with that planning.