COUN 5351 Course

For Spring 2015, students could attend the Northampton Institute and receive course credit! The institute experience will be offered as an OPTIONAL course component for COUN 5351, Current Issues in Marriage and Family Counseling. This means students enrolled in 5351 have the choice to attend the institute in lieu of other course requirements.


1) Can I still enroll in 5351 even if I cannot attend the institute?

  • Yes! There will be a set of course expectations for those who attend and for those who don’t. If you cannot attend the institute, you will complete the expectations for the traditional course format.
  • There is NO PENALTY to those who do not attend the institute – it has no bearing on your grade if you choose to attend or not attend. You do need to decide at the start of the course if you are attending though so you know which set of course expectations to adhere to.

2) Is there a separate fee for the institute?

  • Yes, the course tuition does not cover the institute fee or the travel to/from England. However, the institute fee (see packet) includes conference registration, lodging, breakfast, and field trips. Discounted rates are available if you register early. Thus when you look at all that is included, the registration fee is a great value for this kind of experience.

3) Is financial assistance available?

  • Yes! Graduate students who are presenting at conferences are elligible for financial assistance from the graduate college. It is possible to receive up to $900, however you must apply as early as you can to increase the possibility of receiving the full amount.

4) What will I need to do at the institute related to the course?

  • See the 5351 Course Syllabus for specific details. Basically you’ll be required to attend the institute sessions (see institute packet and schedule) and present at the graduate student poster session. You MUST submit a poster proposal to the institute to have a slot reserved at the poster session.
  • All students who attend the institute, regardless of requesting financial assistance, must complete a travel request form.  If you are not requesting money, you indicate on the form you are requesting “$0.00” and still complete the waiver of liability form. This is a Texas State University requirement for all students who travel outside of the country for university-related business.

5) If I change my mind about attending the institute, will this affect my course grade?

  • Maybe. Attending the institute does count as “class time,” so those who go to the institute will not have to attend a certain portion of spring’s class meetings. Thus if you originally chose the traditional course route and later decide you want to attend the institute, it could affect how many class periods you need to attend (i.e. you may have attended “extra” class time). We would also need to adjust your final project to fit the poster presentation expectation at the institute.
  • If you decided to attend the institute and then don’t show up, this could have a negative effect on your course grade since there would be no way to make up the missed class periods or the institute. Even if you completed the final project/poster assignment, it would not be possible to receive any grade higher than a “C”



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