Northampton 2015!

Welcome to our website for the Northampton Institute 2015 experience! Check out the different pages at this site to learn more about the institute, traveling to England, and more. Bookmark this page as we will update as the institution gets closer. Also if you would like to become a “user” for this page, which means you can make comments on pages and add information, email Dr.B (jb89) or Dr. P (sp27).

Updated Schedule

Hi all – Dr. Canfield has provided us with an updated hourly schedule:

2014 NFCI Program Schedule[1]

We already know that several of you have departing plans for the Sunday night or Monday morning, which might interfere with attending presentations late Sunday evening or Monday morning. This is ok, especially if you are missing Monday. The activities for Monday morning are largely administrative. If you are leaving Sunday evening and you are enrolled in the course, please let Dr. B know if you haven’t done so.

See you soon!

Adapter or Converter?

Wondering what you need to power your electrical devices in the UK? Here’s a good article that describes what the differences are between and adapter, converter, and transformer. You may find all you need is an adapter depending on what you are bringing with you.

Travel card choices

Hi all – we’ve come across another site with some useful information about the different forms of travel cards available in London. We were trying to figure out which might be the better economical option for public transportation – Travelcards or Oyster Cards.  This website tries to give a breakdown of which card becomes the cheaper option under which circumstances:  London Toolkit  Hope this helps!

Whovian Alert

Yeah, I know, the Whovians are a force to be reckoned with on this trip 😀  Dr. Beckenbach and myself have used an app called CityWalk – London to create our own walking tour of Doctor Who related sites.  It’s roughly a two-hour walk, and includes a stop by the British Film Museum which houses a Doctor Who exhibit (plus a huge Star Wars exhibit, for those who seriously want to get their geek on).  For all interested, we’ll try to figure out a good day (possibly Saturday) to take this walk.

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